BVS DAH-002SP Dynamic 8-ction Wonder Woman PX AF Comic Ver

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BVS DAH-002SP DYNAMIC 8-CTION WONDER WOMAN PX AF COMIC VER BEAST KINGDOM CO., LTD Beast Kingdom's Dynamic 8ction Heroes (D.A.H.) series: The Dynamic 8ction Heroes series brings you highly maneuverable 1/9 scale action figures, with multiple points of articulations, combining delicate carvings with professional 3D-animated modeling techniques for enhanced realism, and faithfully embodying the character's spirit as seen in the movies. Based on the movies "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League, this series brings you modern action-figure collections of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman with the greatest fidelity to the classics. The action figure is featured in her warrior attire, as seen in the movie, but colored with her classic red, blue and gold colors! Her long boots, indestructible silver bracelets and her other iconic accessories are faithfully recreated! Wonder Woman features up to 24 points of articulation, and combined along with the alloy Sword of Athena and the specially crafted Wonder Woman's Shield, you will multiply your posing possibilities! This 75th anniversary original colors' version is a classic collectible not to be missed by people who love this heroine that battles for justice, love and peace!